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Who’s like us? Damn few.

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Food, Glorious Food


Inspired by the suggestions on the WhatsOnStage Board to transform London’s recently-closed musical theatre shop ‘Dress Circle’ into a coffee shop, I wasted my time coming up with this menu. (I’m exceptionally proud of it and do not apologise for its length.)

The Elphaba Sundae: one scoop of green apple and one of mint ice cream with green tea sauce, candied kiwi and fresh gooseberries (with extra stripey Wicked Witch of the West candy canes)
The Glinda Sundae: one scoop of lemon and one of cotton candy ice cream (optional ‘Galinda’ version with waterlemon and pink cotton candy) with candied pineapple, coconut macaroons and whipped cream

The Pangenues
Crêpe Cosette: buttermilk crêpes with dark chocolate and whipped cream
Crêpe Christine: plain crêpes with powdered sugar and extra Chagny topping, either the ‘Parisian’ red currant sweet sauce or the ‘Coney Island’ blackcurrant brandy
Maria: coconut pancakes with passion fruit sauce and banana slices
Johanna: sweet egg pancakes with honey and vanilla sauce
Sandy: lemon and poppy seed pancakes with white or dark chocolate sauce

Mistoffelees: white and dark chocolate cupcake with extra thick icing and confetti sprinkles
Grizabella: cinnamon spice cupcake with coffee icing
Victoria: vanilla and coconut cupcake with a meringue crown topping
Rum Tum Tugger: hazelnut nougat and pancake cupcake with peanut butter icing and a cookie cough
Bombalurina: red wine velvet cupcake with marzipan filling, maple syrup icing, chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top.

Mrs Lovett’s mince pie ‘Priest’: fig and raisin mincemeat with almonds, apples, cinnamon and rum (Christmas season only)

The Cake of Mormon: vanilla cheesecake with meringue icing, dark cocolate swirls and Elderberries on top (optional Ugandan banana filling)

Le Valjean: 2 Baked Apples with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 60 raisins and 1 swirl of extra Calvados sauce (matured for 19 years) with extra white bread

Chauvelin: baguette with slices of aubergine, brie and salami and additional pine nuts
Enjolras: red pepper and tomato slices on walnut bread with aligned Comté cheese stripes topped with red radishes and black olives
Che: tuna empanada with chopped egg, parsley and tomatoes


Hot Chocolate
Big Spender: sweet hot chocolate with extra cream and black and white chocolate toppings (10% of any order donated to charity)

Evita: The original, simple ‘Perón’ or the iced cappuccino ‘Eva’, both with optional dulce de leche.

Higgins: a traditional Earl Grey (always served with scones)
Trunchbull: strong and malty Assam tea
Aquarius: Masala chai with vanilla and honey (leaving you relaxed and very much at ease)

Munchkin: Blueberry and blackberry milkshake with banana and sweet ice cream
Mimi Marquez: peanut butter and chocolate milkshake (with two bright blue straws)
Mamma Mia: mango and strawberry milkshake with strawberries and pistaccios on top
Melchior: coffee and walnut milkshake with cream and a maraschino cherry on top

The Four Seasons (New Jersey seasonal fruit choice)
Rhubarb (spring)
Blueberry (summer)
Apple (autumn)
Pear (winter)

Porgy: strawberry and honey smoothie
The Baker And His Wife: White bean and pumpkin smoothie with almond milk and cinnamon


The Velma: blackberry and lemon juice cocktail with elderflower cordial and gin
Corny Collins’ Ultra Clutch: milk and cream, coffee, almond syrup, kahlua and vodka cocktail
Bill Sikes’ Revenge: Martini with an Olive and a Twist

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i feel safe knowin members like this are workin in the FBI

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to join the black parade

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hour 28930482 billion of working on this paper and I am literally this close to taking a shot of vodka but something tells me the concept of liquid courage isn’t meant to be applied to schoolwork 

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wtf I could have sworn one of the characters in a play I’m writing about cheats on her husband and I was going to dedicate a whole section to that but APPARENTLY SHE DOESN’T CHEAT ON HER HUSBAND I FUCKED UP NOW WHAT

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I don’t speak a word of Italian, but I’ll still finish your essay for a hug and a bottle of Pimm’s.


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