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Reni, Guido.  Mary Magdalene. 1616.

Harry Styles. 2014.

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sorry I haven’t been around much lately, this is actually the first time I’ve opened my laptop in three days if you can believe that. I’ll start responding to messages and actually posting shit soon, thanks for bearing w/ me

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I forgot my cream cheese this is literally my lunch today I fucked up

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What a menace

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why are cats always so relaxed when the government is a mess

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“I like how….”
- me when I don’t like how  (via stability)
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it annoys me to see people my age achieving things in life because it makes me realize what a loser i am

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Oona Chaplin attends ’The Ark’ Photocall In Cannes.

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I think the more broken the better. Cersei’s built where you meet her as this woman who seems to have it all under control—her head’s very nice and she’s well-dressed—and underneath it’s a whirling mess. So we really get to see what’s underneath that façade as the seasons go on, and I think next season is going to be particularly brutal for her. - Lena Headey

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